1962 Airstream Bambi

A Brief History

The Airstream Bambi is highly desirable due to its compact size and light weight. Within sixteen feet of length the Bambi contains all camping necessities including a fully equipped bathroom. Airstream manufactured less than 800 Bambi’s between 1961 and 1963. 

This 1962 Bambi was a client restoration. After many years of use, it was time to go through the systems, work on some storage solutions, and reupholster. The cabinet veneer was splintering and the drawers would no longer stay in place when traveling due to damage on the underside. 

Exterior Features

The exterior was refreshed with a low sheen polish, including the tanks. The LP System needed a regulator replaced and new lines run. The hot water heater, the water pump, and both freshwater and blackwater tanks were all replaced. New water lines were ran to the shower and kitchen.

Interior Features

With the Bambi’s compact size, increased storage was a priority in this client’s request. The closet was redesigned to include the Cool Cat as well as creating more a more usable space. On the outside of the trailer, a louvered door with venting was installed with a decorative grill and protective cover. 

The kitchen countertops were updated to Marmoleum’s Berlin Red with rounded corners. The existing fridge was reconditioned, moved up and to the left a bit. This created additional storage for pans as well as a bottom utility access cupboard. All of the drawers and slides were reinforced and glide gracefully in and out with improved function. 

In the seating area the upholstery’s neutral tones make the space feel larger and even more open. New cushions were made and covered by an easy to clean Fabricut woven pattern in shades of taupe, green, and tan. The curtain fabric’s subtle elegance finishes the space seamlessly. Hardwood was used to make the bed slide easier to pull out into a bed. Under the front couch, a shoe cubby was built in by the door. A magazine rack and mirror on the closet wall give a brief glimpse through the open door either into the trailer or outdoors depending on where you are seated.