Flyte Camp Features in the Media


Tiny Homes: Centennial Home | 2020

'An Oregon trailer-restoration company that turns rusted hulks into works of art.'

'Today, Flyte Camp is an internationally acclaimed business with domestic and overseas clients shipping their rare, vintage trailers to Bend for restoration.'

'The Scribners and their team use detailed research to ensure that their finished restorations exemplify the quality and craftsmanship originally used to create each trailer.' 

'Anna has become an expert in period furnishings and finishes that give Flyte Camp project exquisite touches of luxury and beauty.' 

Author unknown 


Atomic Ranch | The Renovation Guide: Mid-Century Marvels | Summer 2020

'A rare 1960s trailer goes from dilapidated to retro-luxury thanks to a mid-century loving couple who turned their hobby of fixing up old trailers into a career.' Written by Dani Grace 


Bend Magazine | September - October 2017 

'Flyte Camp, a vintage trailer restoration company in Bend, breaks the mold in the camp industry with its new line of trailers that look vintage, but have modern luxuries.'  

'Designed and made using all the knowledge they've gleaned from years working with vintage trailers and racking up insight into their craftsmanship, the Neutrons are dripping with nostalgia.' 

'They know how to capture the look and feel of an era through their restorations.'  Written by Bronte Dod


Vintage Camper Trailers | January - February 2016 | Volume 5, Number 1, Issue 23

'Over the years Flyte Camp has become known for their ground up restorations of vintage camper trailers. They are able to maintain the vintage feel of the coaches while upgrading them with hidden modern amenities.'  Written by Caroline Lacitinola 


1859 Oregon's Magazine | July - August 2013 | Volume 19

'The shop has a reputation for meticulous crafstmanship and customization. They do all of the interior design, woodworking, system updates, and bodywork on site, garnering clients from around the world and making appearances on the Travel Channel.' Written by Melissa Dalton