We are Flyte Camp. The country’s Premier Vintage Travel Trailer Restoration and Renovation Company. We are dedicated to the Preservation of the Vintage Camping Experience and are now thrilled to present the Flyte Camp Neutron, so that many more can enjoy traveling in Style.

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  • Flyte Camp was established in 2010 by Justin & Anna Scribner. 

    With a family history of travel trailering that dates back to the 1940‘s, Justin grew up with the love of trailer camping.  In his earlier years his father Harry, traveled the country with his parents in various travel trailers of all makes & models, eventually becoming an aircraft sheet metal mechanic by trade.  As a child, Justin found himself fascinated not only with vintage travel trailers, but especially ones manufactured by aircraft companies.  In 1998, with some persuasion, he talked Anna into taking a look at an “old trailer” for sale.  She instantly fell in love with the cool lines and mid-century styling of the 1958 Shasta Airflyte that inevitably became their first baby.  Justin and Anna have been enjoying traveling in and restoring vintage travel trailers as a hobby ever since. 

    A contractor by trade, Justin found himself spending more time working on trailers than on homes.  Flyte Camp was born! 

    We are dedicated to preserving these amazing rolling pieces of art and the vintage trailering experience for generations to come.

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    anna bio file smallMy love affair with Vintage Travel Trailers began in the late 90’s when my husband Justin, always on the hunt for a fun project, found a 1958 Shasta Airflyte in the local Classified Ads. Although, we shared a passion for vintage design and had an extensive collection of old cars, motorcycles, clothes, film equipment and furniture for our mid century homes, I associated vintage travel trailers with mildew and paneling. Justin on the other hand came from a family with a history of Travel Trailering that dated back to the 1940‘s. His father worked as an aircraft sheet metal mechanic, and Justin was very drawn to the aluminum construction and the fact that many vintage trailers were built in aircraft plants. I reluctantly agreed to take a look at it. Had I given it more thought, I would’ve known that I was going to fall in love. Just like old old homes, cars, furniture, clothing… artistry, quality and craftsmanship were evident. And useless, but brilliant design details, such as exterior aluminum wings, made the purchase a no brainer. We soon found out however, that the very best thing about our first trailer was all the amazing memories we created traveling with it for 5 years...