Vintage Camper Trailers - The Book

Heads up, all you fellow enthusiasts!  If you’re into feasting your hungry little eyes on page after page of vintage trailer eye candy, we’ve got you!  Hot off the press, the newly published “Vintage Camper Trailers” by Paul & Caroline Lacitinola, is a 200 page reader’s delight.  Meet scads of other enthusiasts, read their stories, and shamelessly gawk at the bounty of vibrant, full page photos.  Also, find Justin and I featured inside, too.  In the comfort of your vintage trailer-printed PJ’s (you know who you are), take a tour around the U.S., step inside their wheeled works of art and meet these fantastic people… 


The Characters:  Savor their individuality and whimsy!  Admire their trailer decor!  In full character at vintage trailer events, it is to them, and them alone, we find ourselves exclaiming “hey man, nice costume!"

 The Collectors:  Step into the world of these vintage eccentrics who’ve acquired anywhere from 4 to 40 trailers.  Enter through the doors of their museums and prepared--to--be--amazed. 


The Lifers:  Multigenerational families, friendships and businesses who’ve been into vintage before their trailers were even “vintage.”  Crazy cool, right?


The Glampers:  You know ‘em, you’ve seen ‘em.  This is no stripped down, minimalism.  Breaking all the rules of stereotypical camping, these women unapologetically pull out all the glamour camping stops!  

 The Couples:  Read how working as a team on their treasured hobby has not only fueled the passion of vintage trailer restoration, but ever stronger forged their bonds of love.  I ask you, what’s not to love about that?

The Families:  Sure, puppies are cute, but wait till you see these adorable kids sharing the vintage trailer camping experience with their parents!  I assure you, hearts will melt as you vibe on the warm memories these families are creating.  And you know it—that includes our family.  Thumbs up on that, as Sullivan would say. 


So, check out this new book that just launched on our website,  Trust me, it will not disappoint.  And hey, we’ll even sign the book!

We’d like to take a moment and thank you all, you who have vintage running through your veins, for watching 'Flippin RV’s.’  Dust off your remotes and stay tuned, for future developments are in the works….!


~Anna Scribner

 co-founder, designer