Getting Away as a Family

I always say that small spaces are the best places to connect as a family...Whether it's hanging out at the dinette in the front of a vintage travel trailer on a stormy day, or confined to a tiny aluminum boat....It's all about being together and creating a new memory!  It doesn't have to be elaborately planned!  Sometimes it's as easy as just showing up on a gloomy day at Dock of the Bay in Waldport, Oregon and asking if they might have a crabbing boat available.  Hysterically laughing as you are trying to pull in nets, crab going everywhere ...almost going overboard because your wife/mother cannot steer a boat and make it go at the same time.  There you have it! You now have a memory that will last a lifetime!  

If you are ever in Newport, Oregon, you must visit Local Ocean down on the bayfront.  They have best pan fried oysters!