Camping at Detroit Lake Vintage Style

Detroit Lake, Detroit Oregon

April 15, 2016

Both Justin and myself grew up camping.  Camping was where we made our very best memories and what we hope Sullivan will remember as he gets older.  There is nothing like it when it comes to connecting with nature and each other.  Detroit Lake offers this experience, and some cool history to boot!  

The old town of Detroit received the "Stamp of Death" when congress authorized the building the Detroit Dam.  The Dam was completed in 1952, and the original town began disappearing below the water.  On rare occaisions, when the snow pack is low, you may get an erie glimps of the city rising from the water.  

We love the idea that there is history here captured in time, and the lake is breathtaking!  We took out our 1948 Palace Royal for the adventure.  Sullivan absolutely loves the coziness of bedroom, where he took advantage of "relaxing time".  And Harry, Justin's dad, ever young of heart, got to step back to 1948 where he was 15 again.  

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