How I Was Seduced By Vintage Trailers

I Certainly Was Not Expecting It

April 15, 2016

My love affair with Vintage Travel Trailers began in the late 90’s when my husband Justin, always on the hunt for a fun project, found a 1958 Shasta Airflyte in the local Classified Ads. Although, we shared a passion for vintage design and had an extensive collection of old cars, motorcycles, clothes, film equipment and furniture for our mid century homes, I associated vintage travel trailers with mildew and paneling. Justin on the other hand came from a family with a history of Travel Trailering that dated back to the 1940‘s. His father worked as an aircraft sheet metal mechanic, and Justin was very drawn to the aluminum construction and the fact that many vintage trailers were built in aircraft plants. I reluctantly agreed to take a look at it. Had I given it more thought, I would’ve known that I was going to fall in love. Just like old old homes, cars, furniture, clothing… artistry, quality and craftsmanship were evident. And useless, but brilliant design details, such as exterior aluminum wings, made the purchase a no brainer. We soon found out however, that the very best thing about our first trailer was all the amazing memories we created traveling with it for 5 years....

We began discovering other makes and models that we loved. They play more like cast members in our picture show. The Spartans, Andersons, Westcrafts of the late 40’s and 50’s ... They are bigger, some with trolly windows, wall ovens, in flooring heating, bathtubs….these are luxurious vintage homes on wheels. The earlier models of the 30’s & early 40’s are often times no more than a glorified tent, shelters in the great depression with pot belly stoves, cotton ticking upholstery. We often find them suspended in time: Clothes still hanging in the closets, soap and razors in the medicine cabinets, newspapers still sitting on the table from the last outing. They had been closed up, walked away from, left behind many decades ago, waiting to be discovered. And even though sometimes a little vision is required, we have the joy of rediscovering what 1936, or 1947, or 1955 really looked and felt like. We love and are passionate about preserving this authentic experience & recreating it for our discriminating clients!